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Frequently Asked Questions


How much elemental calcium am I getting in each serving of NanoCal?

Single dose = one mini-scoop = +/- 1/8 teaspoon = 667mg
10% CaO (Nano-Cal
) @100% elemental Ca = 67mg Ca
45% Ca Gluconate (@ 9% elemental Ca) = 27mg Ca
45% Mg Glycinate (@ 20% elemental Mg) = 60 mg Mg

Total elemental Calcium: 94mg
Total elemental Magnesium: 60mg

Recommended RDA Ca: 1000mg
Recommended RDA Mg: 400mg




Is there such a thing as NanoCalcium?

No, there is no such thing as "nano-calcium". Nano-Cal is a trademark (USPTO: 78501799).


The product and company name was invented to emphasize the quantum time frame involved

in changing the polarity of drinking water by the addition of this form of calcium.


Perhaps due to the success of the product, other companies began to use the term "nano-calcium" when referring to their own products, however this is in no way a scientific term, is confusing at best, and intentionally misleading at worst. Avoid these products.



What is the difference between Nano-Cal and Coral calcium?

Nano-Cal is CaO (calcium oxide), reacts in water and alters its polarity.

Coral Calcium CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) does not react in this fashion as the calcium is bound to a carbonate. Coral Ca therefore has the tendency to only be partially absorbable by the gut.

The difference is that water not the gut acts as the medium to disassociate the Calcium ION from its salt (binder) which is the elemental representation of the metal the body needs.

Nano-Cal is dissolved and dissociated in water prior to ingestion.

Nano-Cal is 500,000 ppm Calcium compared to an average of 35,000 PPM in Coral Calcium.



Vitamin D and Nano-Cal:

Please use Vitamin D with Nano-Cal or with any Calcium supplement .

This cannot be overstated. Ensure at least 1000 IU daily or 5000 IU weekly

If you have any questions about dosage, see a doctor for a vitamin D test.

A good source of Vitamin D can be found at: http://bio-tech-pharm.com



Can one use Nano-Cal in any water?

Yes, although we recommend using filtered or otherwise purified water where possible.



Can I add Nano-Cal to fruit juices or other liquids?

Yes you can add Nano-Cal to any (potable) liquid. the difference will be in effectiveness. Adding it to an acidic liquid will obviously mitigate the alkalizing affect of the NanoCal, but you'll still get the calcium. We have had reports of people adding Nano-Cal to wine to soften harsh tannins. (It works!) I have added it to orange juice to soften the acids....




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