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Nano-Cal Cream
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Nano-Cal Cream

Activated Ionic Calcium and Magnesium in a

base of pure Shea butter and Fitoderm (Vegetarian Squalane)




Because the Shea butter that we use is organic, cold-pressed and 100% pure, this product may be applied virtually anywhere on the skin (please keep out of eyes, though).



Beneficial for chapped or distressed skin (may be used as lip balm, as well).


Regular application will mitigate the onset of wrinkles and help prevent stretch marks and other scarring of the skin, such as that from burns.


Useful as a healing balm for a variety of rashes and skin ailments.


Customers have even reported acne cures while using Nano-Cal Cream.


Directions for use: take a small amount and soften in the palm of your hand by rubbing until the cream is close to body temperature. This is best done after a bath when pores are open. Then apply as needed. Cream will initially feely slightly oily, but should absorb into the skin within minutes. At the same time, you should feel a gentle warming, as the active ingredient stimulates blood flow to the area and promotes further healing.


Whereas most formulations for the skin are slightly acid (6.5 or less on the pH scale), Nano-Cal Cream's curative effect is due to the alkaline nature of the active ingredient, which appears to have strong anti-bacterial properties as well as being a circulatory stimulant when applied topically.



What is Shea?

Shea is known in the local Dioula language as karité ("life") --


Vitamins A & E: shea butter is very high in vitamin A. in combination with vitamin E shea butter is highly effective in cell regeneration and anti-aging.

Stigmasterol: known as the "anti-stiffness factor", the stigmasterol in shea butter gives shea butter its ability to relax tired muscles as well as provide relief for swelling and arthritis.

UV sun protection: shea butter has helped women in Africa for centuries to have beautiful skin by fighting off sun and harsh climate.



A Fair Trade Product

Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between marketers in North America and producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other parts of the world. A fair trade partnership works to provide low-income artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work.


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